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Source: My Thoughts: Body Language of the Ministers.

“Body language is so different than deception detection, yet the two are tightly woven. You really need to have a firm understand of the first to understand the latter, but body language is very fluid. It changes minute by minute, whereas deception, once it occurs, get set in stone and becomes rock solid until a confession is made. Body language, however, may say one thing now and can contradict itself minutes, hours or days later. It can only be counted on for the time it is expressed. It cannot convey long term outcomes or beliefs, as they are subject to change continually.” – Eyes for Lies

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Source: Photos: Dr. Cal Lightman’s Seven Universal Micro-Expressions | Fancast News.

The following photos depict the seven research-based universal facial expressions of emotion. They come from Fox’s hit television series Lie to Me. The photos show Dr. Cal Lightman (played by british actor Tim Roth) modeling the various facial expressions. The show is about Dr. Lightman, a human lie detector, who leads a fictitious think-tank that seeks out the truth behind people’s lies.








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