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Source: The Things I Cannot Change

“Let’s face it—fear is easier than courage. Fear offers no resistance. It’s a black hole, a bottomless well, it’s always right there and handily accessible in never-ending supplies. You don’t even have to look for it—it throws itself at you, a needy, uninvited interloper. It’s loud and rude, while courage sits quietly and politely, waiting for you to call it forth. I’ve noticed this seems to be the case with all positive character traits; they’re quiet, they whisper, they wait. The negative ones are ready to party 24/7. I don’t know why this is but it is. For me, the only way to hear the good things is intentionally turn the lesser things down or off, and that takes some discipline. Asking myself: “Is this a thing I can change, or not change?” is a helpful place to start. If it’s the latter, I try to let it go. Sometimes I think the whole work of living is figuring out the difference between those things, and then acting accordingly.” – Sara Zarr

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Source: My Thoughts: Body Language of the Ministers.

“Body language is so different than deception detection, yet the two are tightly woven. You really need to have a firm understand of the first to understand the latter, but body language is very fluid. It changes minute by minute, whereas deception, once it occurs, get set in stone and becomes rock solid until a confession is made. Body language, however, may say one thing now and can contradict itself minutes, hours or days later. It can only be counted on for the time it is expressed. It cannot convey long term outcomes or beliefs, as they are subject to change continually.” – Eyes for Lies

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Source: Grammar Girl : How to Eliminate Adverbs :: Quick and Dirty Tips ™.

64/365 - Sour Candy

The top five adverbs that most often need to be pruned from your writing. Grammar Girl calls these ‘Intensifier Adverbs’.

  • Extremely
  • Definitely
  • Truly
  • Very
  • Really

You can totally use them in dialogue though.

My own personal ‘Weasel Words’ that I have to edit out during revisions include:

  • Also
  • Too
  • Very
  • Just

What are yours?

Image Name: 64/365 – Sour Candy
Image Attribution: http://www.flickr.com/photos/9910344@N05/4014938832

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