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Venn Diagram for Books

Source: Writer’s Chat with Alton Gansky: An Interview with Chip MacGregor

In part II of the chat at index 4:14, Chip MacGregor talks about a Venn Diagram for books. He describes three essential areas that make a book successful: The Bigness of the Idea, The Quality of the Writing, and the Size of the Author’s Platform.

As Chip puts it, “[Publishers] will sometimes settle for two… but they really want all three”.

Part I

Part II

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Insightful advice that I think can be applied to cover art and more. It’s geared for picture books but there are lessons to be learned by all writers and illustrators.

What makes one picture book a bestseller and another a flop? While there's no way to predict a bestseller, many of the most successful picture books have some (or all) of these factors: 1.) Illustrations that are colorful, varied and full of movement. Successful picture books surprise the reader by the art on the next page — whether it's by using an unexpected image for humor, or using a different perspective (looking at something from above rat … Read More

via Tracy Marchini

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YouTube – Brené Brown: The power of vulnerability.

Once in a while you come across something so profound it either changes who you are or reinforces a core belief.

This was one of the latter for me. I showed me clearly that my faith in Jesus Christ is well-placed. This woman has researched and studied vulnerability and it perfectly matches some of the truth claims of Christianity.

Simply amazing.

She also has a web site for those interested in learning more: http://www.brenebrown.com/

Authenticity, Shame, Empathy, Vulnerability, Courage, Compassion, Connection.

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