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Source: My Thoughts: Body Language of the Ministers.

“Body language is so different than deception detection, yet the two are tightly woven. You really need to have a firm understand of the first to understand the latter, but body language is very fluid. It changes minute by minute, whereas deception, once it occurs, get set in stone and becomes rock solid until a confession is made. Body language, however, may say one thing now and can contradict itself minutes, hours or days later. It can only be counted on for the time it is expressed. It cannot convey long term outcomes or beliefs, as they are subject to change continually.” – Eyes for Lies

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Source: My Thoughts on the Admitted Liar

Eyes over at Eyes for Lies has a recipe for super liars. The traits that allow a person to be a super liar are:

  • A lack of a conscience (empathy or sympathy)
  • A keen wit to keep facts straight
  • An exceptional understanding of human behavior

She goes on to explain,

“…these cruel people know how to role play better than everyone else in society, and they will play the parts they need to in order to accomplish their goal. They will elaborate great schemes to get what they want, because in the end they don’t feel remorse. They actually get an emotional high that they outsmarted everyone and that no one is the wiser. This game of cat and mouse is what continues to drive them, and ultimately what creates their superior self-image of arrogance. It gives them great confidence, which is a natural tool to gain the trust of others.”

“But what is interesting about these people, as “Liar Liar” wrote, is that they do feel pain. They feel their own pain and that pain will often cause them to lash out with evil intent. These people are usually very vindictive, even if they do it anonymously or in private. Their pain can often be their downfall, because it fuels their desire for revenge, and revenge without a conscience is what ultimately exposes their evil deeds to the average trusting person, but often it is too late, and the victim by this point has usually paid the ultimate price.”

So, in summary, these people exhibit the following characteristics too:

  • A superior self-image
  • Arrogance
  • Great confidence
  • Vindictive

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