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Source: Dragon Slaying 101: How to Use Heroic Language to Battle Boring Copy | Copyblogger.

Source: Romance 101: How to Use Feminine Words That Sell | Copyblogger.

The Masculine, Heroic words:

  • Battle / Fight
  • Dragon
  • Enemy / Nemesis
  • Quest
  • Treasure
  • War

The Feminine, Romantic words:

  • Love
  • Heart
  • Secret
  • King, Queen, Prince, Princess, etc.
  • Temptation / Forbidden
  • Cloud, Moon, Stars, etc.
  • Heaven / Paradise
  • Kiss
  • Virgin
  • Magic / Enchanted / Bewitched

View the source posts for explanations. Bottom line: Know your target audience so you can write (and therefore sell) to your strengths.

Four example variations from the author:

Plain: “Solve Email Problems”
Heroic: “Battle Your Email Overload”
Romantic: “Love Your Email Inbox Again”

Plain: “Stop Procrastinating”
Heroic: “Defeat Procrastination”
Romantic: “Kiss Procrastination Goodbye”

Plain: “Advice to Help You Do Better”
Heroic: “Advice to Help You Win”
Romantic: “Advice to Make You a Star”

Plain: “Ditch Your Bad Habits”
Heroic: “Conquer Your Bad Habits”
Romantic: “Make Your Bad Habits Disappear Like Magic”

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