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It seems all the blogs I subscribe to have recent posts on voice, that most elusive trait of good writers.

I think voice arises first and foremost from culture and home life, then region, education, and job experience. All affect voice strongly. So a reasonable starting point for determining voice – to me – would be to start with character. Highlight these aspects of character and hopefully the rest of your talk will follow naturally.

I’d also like to ask my readers a question. Years age I noticed that once I get into reading a particularly good book, I tend to take on the voice of the book or the main character. I first noticed it when I was a young teenager reading some of the classic adventure stories like The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas or a good Jules Verne novel like The Mysterious Island. Those are two of my favorite authors and favorite books, by the way.

Has anyone else out there ever experienced the same thing? Also, is there a way to harness this in developing my own voice or finding the voice of my own characters?

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