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Source: Spy Shoelaces – Impact Lab.

As the author says, the simplest things usually work out the best.

Spy Shoelaces

I bet there is much more to be learned from the book, “The Official CIA Manual of Trickery and Deception“.


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Source: BYOD: How to Detect Deception, Part I – The Keyboard Detective
Source: BYOD: How to Detect Deception, Part II – The Keyboard Detective

Tony Bridges, the Keyboard Detective, has two great posts up on detecting deception. They constitute a great overview and introduction for writers who need to write deceptive dialogue. There are some good links included with the article for further study.

A quick summary of topics:

  • Part I
    • Distancing Language
    • Passive Voice
    • Pronoun Usage
    • Proper Noun Usage
    • Text Bridges
  • Part II
    • Contextual Embedding
    • Reproduction of Conversation
    • Unexpected Complications
    • Work Backward through the Story
    • Reality Monitoring
    • Narrative Balance

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