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Source: Grammar Girl : How to Eliminate Adverbs :: Quick and Dirty Tips ™.

64/365 - Sour Candy

The top five adverbs that most often need to be pruned from your writing. Grammar Girl calls these ‘Intensifier Adverbs’.

  • Extremely
  • Definitely
  • Truly
  • Very
  • Really

You can totally use them in dialogue though.

My own personal ‘Weasel Words’ that I have to edit out during revisions include:

  • Also
  • Too
  • Very
  • Just

What are yours?

Image Name: 64/365 – Sour Candy
Image Attribution: http://www.flickr.com/photos/9910344@N05/4014938832

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Source: Tom Swifties Adverbial Puns

Who knew this list existed? There are some good Tom Swifties and then there are others:

“I’ve been a baaaa-d boy,” said Tom sheepishly.

Remember, these are the dialogue equivalent of a double-negative in grammar. So never use them in writing unless you mean to write puns intentionally. This comprises a good list of the dreaded -ly adverbs to be avoided in dialogue tags too.

“Those cobs are amazing!” said Tom cornily.

I rest my case. Enjoy!

“His Honor is crazy,” Tom stated judgementally.

(Well, maybe just one more. 😉 )

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