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Source: Spiritual Carrey still mighty funny – USA Today

  1. Thou shalt make people laugh
  2. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s career
  3. Count thy blessings
  4. Laugh loud and often with thy friends
  5. Eat thy veggies
  6. Pace thyself
  7. Create thine own heaven
  8. Improve thyself
  9. Trust thine instincts
  10. Honor thy child’s dreams

Read the full article for explanations of each item. It’s a good read.

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It’s Called A Book

Source: February 13, 2010 – February 19, 2010 – Cartoons of the Week – TIME.com.

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Title: “SUBJECT: OUR MARKETING PLAN” by Ellis Weiner
Source: http://www.newyorker.com/humor/2009/10/19/091019sh_shouts_weiner

What a hoot! This column makes for hilarious reading. You’ll find every bad thing you ever thought could go wrong in a marketing plan – and then some. The only other piece I’ve ever read that is even comparable is Cheryl Klein’s The Annotated Query Letter from Hell.


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